Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We come to destroy all who enslave our people

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It's amazing how quickly things can change. Last week I was touring the galaxy, and this week I've decided to answer a calling in my heart to help my Matari brothers and sisters. (I've spoken with my brother, Black Claw, about how I can't continue his journey around the galaxy any more, and he understands completely. That's a relief!)

A bit of background...

There has been a struggle between Amarr and Matari for a very long time, with the Matari suffering from hundreds of years of Amarrian oppression.

Many alliances have come and gone, doing their best to fight for the freedom of the Matari. The most prominent of these freedom fighters has been Ushra'Khan, an alliance I was once a member of. But they seem to be somewhat depressed after being recently kicked out of Providence, and now they're involving themselves in tamer faction wars.

They fought long and hard, and suffered a defeat that has decimated their morale. I really don’t blame them, but when I heard this I knew that someone needed to step up to continue what Ushra'Khan had started. I decided that would be me.

For too long I've ignored the plight of my people, enjoying the high-life, gallivanting around the galaxy and generally being completely irresponsible towards the plight of my brothers and sisters. A few days ago during a conversation with someone about this, I felt something shift inside of me, and I knew I had to change my ways. I knew I had to do something to play my part in the struggle for our people's freedom.

I heard that most alliances form as a result of corporations coming together with common goals. The corporations exist first, the alliance comes later. That may be so, but I like to be different.

I'm forming an alliance for the sole purpose of destroying those corporations and alliances who actively pursue, enslave or kill our Matari brothers and sisters.

Why not strive for peace?

There are some - particularly amongst the Amarr and their supporters - who say that continuing to engage in conflict will do nothing to bring about peace. Unfortunately, 'seeking peace' for Amarrians really means "we don't want the Matari to fight back while we continue killing and enslaving them."

This kind of thing really gets me angry. If the Amarr really wanted peace, it would come quickly if they released all their Matari slaves and ceased all persecution of the Matari people.

I believe that the truth behind someone's words lies in their actions. If they say they want peace but they continue to engage in the same actions that lead to war, then the truth is that they want war.

And so I shall give them a war. For as long as there are Matari captured and enslaved, there will be a need to fight for their freedom. And since the Amarr are the main persecutors of my people, then it is the Amarr I will focus my efforts on. I will hunt them down and slaughter them, as they have done to my people.

If they really want peace, they will let our people go free.

What are you going to do?

My alliance will continue what Ushra'Khan started. There are whisperings that they might even wake from their current malaise and join me in this fight. Their rightful place is always going to be alongside those who fight to free the Matari.

I have also had offers of support from a number of other individuals, corporations and alliances. The support is conditional, of course, with the condition being 'once you show you are serious about this and have a strong force behind you, we will join you to make it stronger'.

I certainly understand that. After all, I could just be another one of those who stand on their soap box and wax lyrical about what they plan to do, but at the end of the day they do nothing and fade away into the darkness, never to be seen again.

I don't plan on fading away. I do plan on starting this venture and continuing it until our targets are completely eliminated.

You see, I believe one of the reasons why Ushra'Khan and others have failed in their primary goal is because they pursued the wrong goal.

Their goal was to remove CVA from Providence. They did that, but then CVA just came back and regained it again.

My goal will be to remove CVA from this galaxy. I will not stop until they have been destroyed, disbanded, eliminated, terminated with extreme prejudice.

Why CVA?

As I said, I wanted to continue what Ushra'Khan started, and freeing our people from oppression in Providence is a major part of that. Since CVA currently own Providence, and they have done for many years, and they are active in continuing to persecute Matari, then they are my primary target. Secondary targets are their allies, who support them in their activities against the Matari.

Why destroy them?

Because just kicking them out of Providence isn't the answer. They'll come back again. I want to make sure that there is nowhere safe for them. I want them to feel what it's like to be on the receiving end of their own actions against us. I want to hunt them down and destroy them, so they can never again be the threat to our people that they have been for so long.

Ambitious goals. How will you achieve them?

I'm not under any illusion that this will be an easy task, but I'm also not under any illusion that it's an impossible task. It is entirely possible, but it needs a strong commitment from a lot of people.

I'm not going to release my strategies just yet, but let me give you a small rundown on why I believe I'll achieve this goal.

I believe in 'the Henry Ford approach' to leadership, where I get experts to lead their respective areas of expertise while answering to me and the overarching mission. I don't need to be an expert at everything, I just need to lead the experts so that the end result is achieved.

So I'm looking for leaders with expertise in industrial operations and manufacturing, combat and guerrilla operations, covert ops, black ops, intelligence gathering, diplomacy and even recruitment.

Of course, any corp can come onboard to add to the effort, but leadership roles for alliance activities and operations will naturally go to those who have the most experience.
"Rico! You're it until you're dead or I find someone better!"
- Starship Troopers
I intend the alliance leadership to be myself and at least one co-director. There will be a leadership council made up of the experts (CEOs and Directors of member corporations) who will manage the operations of all corps answering to them (eg industry, pvp, covert ops, etc).

Ultimately it will be a dictatorship with me at the helm, and any internal disputes will be resolved quickly and, if necessary, harshly. There will be no room for internal bickering and power struggles. We're all going to be working together towards a single objective, and if anyone disagrees with the objective and is unwilling to compromise, they'll simply be kicked out of the alliance. I won't allow bickering to gather energy and become a problem.

Contact me in-game to discuss how you can get involved.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who wants to join the fight against CVA?

Since I wrote about the Ushra'Khan yesterday, I've had some really interesting discussions with people and thoughts developing in my head.

There seems to be some interest out there in a new alliance being formed to take up the fight against the Amarr. Particularly against the CVA (Curatores Veritatis Alliance), who seem to be one of the strongest of the oppressive alliances that are killing and enslaving Minmatar.

Right now, in my heart, I'm wondering how I can go on this light-hearted jaunt around the galaxy when my Minmatar brothers and sisters are still struggling for their freedom.

I've done a lot of things in my time, including being part of Ushra'Khan a few years ago. In fact, it was exactly this time three years ago that I was in U'K before I got distracted with forming OUCH and left them.

But in all of my time I've done nothing to free my brothers and sisters, and right now I'm feeling guilty about it. I'm feeling that now is a good time to change the path I've been on, and to actively take up arms against the CVA.

I think it's quite appropriate that exactly three years later I consider forming my own alliance to take up the good fight and bring freedom to our people.

The galaxy is always going to be here. I can complete the journey at a later date, or someone can complete it instead of me. When put against the suffering of the enslaved and dying Minmatar people, nothing else really matters.

I have no illusions that this will be easy. CVA are one of the top alliances for a reason. But I know that something needs to be done. And I know there's a lot of people out there who would be interested in being involved.

So I'm putting out the call. 

Who wants to help me? Who wants to get onboard with me and be part of a brand new alliance - and potentially a cartel of alliances - to take up arms against CVA and their allies, and eventually kick them out of Providence?

I need powerful corporations to join in. We're playing a role (roleplaying) here in the struggle against the Amarr. We can only do it with a strong, united force of people that are willing to sign up for the good fight.

Who wants to be involved?

I'm going to do this anyway. It's going to happen. I hope you'll join me right now to make it happen faster. :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Ushra'Khan

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I was just reading up about the Ushra'Khan, catching up on their history. A long time ago I used to be a member of U'K. It was back in late 2009, in their days of glory. I enjoyed it. Fond memories.

I was thinking that when my tour of the galaxy is over, I might join up with them again, but instead of being a pilot in one of their member corps, I think I'd like to have my corp join them. It probably won't be this corp I'm running now though, as it's just for my tour of New Eden.

I might have my corp The Punishers join it, if they'll have me at the time. And of course, if they're still around at the time! I think it'll be a couple years before I've completed my travel around the entire galaxy. They just might not be around by then.

But I'm Minmatar. Their phrase"We come for our people!" calls to me. It always has, but my own personal projects have kept me distant.

After I joined Phaze-9, a member corp of U'K, I was in it for only two months before I started the Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH) and decided to leave U'K.

But it'd be nice to go back when I'm done with my personal missions, and put more time into helping out my people find freedom again.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OOC: The Whiner's Room

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This quote from Seth Godin really inspired me to build my community project and avoid listening to the critics and the trolls. When I read this, I saw so many Eve-playing forum trolls....

Just about every organization, every online service, every product and every element of our culture now has chat rooms and forums devoted to a few people looking for something to complain about. Some of them even do it on television.
The fascinating truth is this: the people in these forums aren't doing their best work. They rarely identify useful feedback or pinpoint elements that can be changed productively either. In fact, if you solved whatever problem they're whining about, they wouldn't suddenly become enthusiastic contributors. No, they're just wallowing in the negative ions, enjoying the support of a few others as they dish about what's holding them back. 
It pays no dividends to go looking for useful insight from these folks. Go make something great instead.
Whatever you do - don't listen to negative feedback. If you have an idea, just go for it.

OOC: Calling for supporters

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I'm looking for supporters of the new Eve bloggers community project.

Anyone that wants to be involved in some way, whether it's just to provide feedback or to eventually sign up as a member of the community, please contact me via one of the following methods:

I need you to individually and personally contact me with your offer of support so that I can individually and personally contact each of you with further details on how you can help.


OOC: More on the Eve bloggers community project


You're an Eve blogger. You have your own blog, probably using blogspot or wordpress. But you're a blog island amongst a collection of islands, with all of them struggling to be noticed amongst the other islands. It's competitive out there!

Or you're thinking about becoming an Eve blogger. You have a story to tell, but you're just not so sure about these blogs. They look like a lot of hard work! So much effort to set up a blog when all you want to do is write your story! So you haven't done anything about it yet, because it seems like more trouble than what it's worth.

I'm building something for you. It doesn't matter if you already have a blog, or you're thinking of getting one. What I'm building is exactly what you're looking for, that will allow you to start writing as soon as you've signed up.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Travel Tip - Travel like a Ninja

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A long time ago (OOC) I used to practice the martial art of Ninjitsu. One of the tricks I learnt was how to be 'invisible'.

There's this interesting thing about human nature, that most people are so caught up in their own little world of internal thought that they have very little 'processing energy' to anything outside of their own mind. It's not until someone comes into their little sphere of awareness that they might pay attention to them.

So the trick to remaining invisible as you travel the streets is to avoid making eye contact with people. You just don't appear on their 'radar' because you're not looking at them, you're not interacting with them on an energy level in any way whatsoever. Keep your head down, keep walking, withdraw your energy into yourself, and no one will notice you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

OOC: The Eve Blogodrama

I do enjoy a good drama, but only when I'm not involved in it. I'm seeing a nice blogodrama this week in the Eve blogosphere. It's quite amusing.
"Why can't we all just... get along?" - The Penguin
Well, I know that's impossible, but I think we can come together better than what we have been. I think that as a community, we're failing. We're being laughed at by those that aren't in the community (not to mention those that are IN the community). And why would they want to join such a drama-filled community? Well, they wouldn't. And I think that's why the community is slowly shrinking.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OOC: The evolution of Eve blogging

Back in.... gee, I don't know - a long time ago! I created to bring together all the Eve Online bloggers under a common banner, so the Eve Online Bloggers Portal came into existence. It successfully aggregated blog posts by all active Eve Online bloggers, as well as podcasts, YouTube videos, and even related images on Flickr.

It was so successful that it's still recognised today as a leading method of keeping up to date with Eve Online blogs.

But that was SO 'last decade'.

I'm just a neutral journalist

One of the things that's become very clear to me is that I need to maintain complete neutrality as I travel around the galaxy. I want to mix with every corp or alliance that I can, to meet their pilots, to shake their hands, to fly in space with them as they show me interesting and exciting things that I can take photos of and write about in this blog.

I can't do that if I join any of them as a combatant.

Russian gate campers posing for the camera

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I woke up this morning and was checking out the latest comments on my Reddit updates when suddenly a few of the Russians entered the system, one of whom was James Harmstridge, who I'd been talking to last night. They were gate camping for a bit of late-night fun (Russian time zone).

I moved in closer and took a few photos, which they enjoyed. They were posing and smiling for the camera.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today was an awesome epic day

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I travelled through 43 systems and completed an entire region. Very cool.  I hope to do at least 15-20 systems a day in future, which will help me move through the galaxy quite fast.

I also received a donation of the blog banner from Rixx Javix, and from James Harmstridge. Thanks guys! I'm very grateful for your support, helping me with my journey.

After this epic day, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight!

Day 25 - finishing Cache in one day!

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So I've printed out my map of Cache and started the journey. First stop was:


There wasn't anything of interest really, except for a Territorial Claim Unit. Since I'd never seen one before, I decided to go check it out and take a photo.

Corp Member Introductions

Hi guys. We're all uniquely doing our own thing, in whatever corner of New Eden we're in, but we're all united under the TOURING NEW EDEN banner. I'm happy you decided to join us, but now that you're here, let's share a little bit about each ourselves so that we can get to know each other. It will be great if we can all be good friends, if not one day a family.  :)

I'll start the ball rolling.

Name: Alexia Morgan

Location: it varies. As I'm writing this, it's in Insmother, but I'll probably be in Scalding Pass tomorrow. My exact location is likely to change every day.

How long have you been playing: I joined in April 2006. You do the math.

Current Goals: I'm on a mission to visit every single system in the galaxy. There's over 5,000 of them, and I'm just less than 5% of the way through. It's going to be a loooong ride! But I'm enjoying every jump of it.

Why did you join TOURING: in my case, I created this corp to reflect my tour around New Eden. It was simply a corp I could sit in and do my own thing, while I travelled the cluster. But then I decided to open it up to new members who might want to join me. People with similar goals of travel, or people who just like to do their own thing without having to answer to demanding expectations of a corp that needs to defend itself, its territory or its assets. TOURING has none of that.

I like the peace and quiet of not having to worry about 'calls to arms' and patrols and operations. It's blissful. I also love the solitude of travel throughout the cluster. It's peaceful in nullsec. I know I'm going to dread travelling through highsec because of the noise!

I know there's others like me. Personalities who prefer sitting back and doing their own thing, without having to be active according to the demands of others. And that's why I opened up this corp to them, to give them a place that they might call home.

Your turn! Please use the comments section below to answer the same questions for yourself.

How long have you been playing:
Why did you join TOURING:

Add anything else you'd like to introduce about yourself too. Thanks!

Making contact with SOLAR FLEET

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So now that I'm in player controlled nullspace, I thought it would be a good idea to contact the diplomat for SOLAR FLEET, the alliance that controls this neck of the woods, and see if I can get temporary blue status so that I can somewhat safely use the stations that I pass by.

No such luck. I spoke to J Malkavian, who advised me that they don't have a policy of granting blue status to individuals, so I was shit out of luck. (Just for the record, that was my opinion on my luck, not his.)

New banner - thanks Rixx Javix!

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I've often engaged with Rixx Javix over the years for banner designs for various blogs and corps I've been involved with, and he's always come through with some fantastic designs based around Eve Online imagery.

So of course I asked him if  he could do a banner for this blog too, and as I've come to expect from Rixx, the end result is superb. You can see for yourself just by looking up the top of the screen there at the new banner.

Thanks Rixx!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 24 - An epic finish of Great Wildlands!

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It's been an exciting day with promoting this on Reddit. I've been really surprised and happy with the level of interest and encouragement. I was expecting a rabid bunch of TESTers wanting me dead (they probably do anyway), but it's been completely the opposite.

So after catching up with the feedback in the Reddit discussion, and updating my character bio (it's pretty cool. You'll have to check it out in-game :) and discovering I can put an MOTD into the corp channel (that wasn't there the last time I was playing!), I continued on the journey.

  • WPR-EI - nothing of interest
  • F-MKH3 - nothing of interest
  • ZM-DNR - nothing of interest
  • VKU-BG - nothing of interest

My route around the galaxy

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When Black Claw started this journey around New Eden he worked out a path that he'll follow, which takes him through every single region only once. It's a good path, and I'll be following it too.

For your interest, here's the route I'm taking (note that I started in Curse (red circle around it), and I'm currently in Great Wildlands). It's going to be a long, interesting journey!

Click to enlarge.

I just promoted this on Reddit

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After getting some feedback from a few people about how I should put this on Reddit, I did. You can find the discussion here:

Travelling the galaxy

If you want to add your say or up/down vote it, please do!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 23 - new corps, headaches and drunkards

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Well that was fun. So I jumped into...

  • 7Q-8Z2 - a lot of pilots in local, probably protecting the entry point to Derelik.
I tried to create my new corp while I was in this system, except I found that I needed to be docked to create a new corp.

Right. Back to the nearest station then! Which was E02-IK. 

So I went back there, docked up and made the new corp. That was pretty exciting. Then I advertised it on the Eve Online recruitment thread, as well as wrote a blog post about it.

I managed to get two new members almost immediately! That was really exciting, and I did a bit of dancing around the cockpit. Which would have been better if the capsule wasn't filled with all this damn goop!

So then I had to leave the capsule and go to a bar in the station, bringing the crew with me, 'cause you can't really party while stuck inside. 

I don't remember much after a couple hours of drinking it up, but I woke up back in the ship, thanks to a very friendly and dedicated crew. They're awesome. It's good that they support my desire to travel around the galaxy without losing the ship. It's a great ship, and a great crew, and no one wants to die. I really don't blame them.

So, on with the journey. Back up the pipe to 8YC-AN and then onwards!
  • SUR-F7 - nothing of interest
  • OK-6XN - nothing of interest
  • U3K-4A - something of interest!
This part of the region seemed pretty busy with members of the Hashashin Cartel in most of the systems I went through. I usually take it upon myself to wave or say hello to people in local. Sometimes they say hi back, but most of the time they say nothing. This was the case with most of the Hashashin guys I saw, until I reached U3K-4A. There was a 'civil' member of the cartel who talked to me, a fellow by the name of SublimeDestruction. Well, I considered him quite friendly, but he wanted me to make it clear he was civil rather than friendly. Sure. :)

We got to chatting, and I shared this blog and the details of my journey with him. He recommended I put this on Reddit, which I'll do soon. I also got a bit of gossip from him.

He told me there's been a 'bunch of shit' going on in Scalding Pass. He was on a roam last night and they found 'a ton of dead shit', and recommended I go there to have a look. Unfortunately, I won't be visiting Scalding Pass for a while yet. I'll be going through Cache and Insmother before I get to Scalding Pass. 

But I'm sure I'll still find a ton of dead shit along the way!

I really enjoy meeting people out here. Most people are pretty friendly. Sorry, civil.... I think that's awesome.

After making a bookmark off the gate in U3K, I warped back into OK-6XN to continue on my way.
  • Q2FL-T - nothing of interest

I love these landmark systems. Always opportunity for photos, which is fun. In this system was another abandoned ship wreck.
After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with countless abandoned ships. The twisted and gnarled hulls of these empty vessels float silently, offering up no explanation as to their lonely fate.

I always feel really sad when I see sights like this. The people that lose their lives in accidents like this, the dreams that are snuffed out, the families that are torn apart or completely destroyed.

Very sad.

Time to move on.
  • AI-EVH - nothing of interest
  • W-RFUO - nothing of interest
  • V-2GYS - nothing of interest


I was going to stop and rest in this dead end system, but upon arriving there was about 7 pilots from the Border World Enterprises corp in here. They were a quiet bunch, not talkative at all. So after I made my gate bookmark, I decided I'd leave them to it.


Nothing of interest, but I'm resting here for the night. See you tomorrow!

The new Touring New Eden corp

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I've set up a new corp called Touring New Eden. Here's the description:

Touring New Eden is a new, unique corporation explicitly for travellers and nomads that enjoy travelling or touring the New Eden cluster. Pilots with no fixed address, who love to roam, to travel, to do their own thing without needing to support a base of operations.  
Touring New Eden has no base of operations. Our members are everywhere around the galaxy. The cluster itself is our home. 
With no base of operations, wardecs become ineffective against us. Members are safe because they are everywhere, and they are nowhere. 
There's no tax rate because there's no corp industry. What members do in Touring New Eden is entirely up to them. 
Are you interested? If you're a traveller, a nomad, a solo pilot who doesn't want to be tied down to any one location, then you are welcome to join us.
The corp is now open for business.

Teamspeak will be set up soon.

Memberships from all over the New Eden galaxy are welcome. Members do not have to go anywhere once they're members. It's business as usual for them, just under the common banner of 'Touring New Eden'.

The official recruitment thread is here, but if you're interested, just sign up in-game.

Travel Tip - Avoiding 'catch' warp bubbles

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When you're travelling in nullsec (0.0 space) you're going to find warp bubbles here and there, set up by individuals, gangs, corporations or alliances, to catch unwary travellers.

They're usually called 'catch bubbles', because they're set up in a way that catches you as you travel from a start gate to a destination gate. If they're positioned along your trajectory either ~90km before your destination gate or ~90km after your destination gate, then it'll 'catch' you, so that you land in the bubble instead of at the gate.

Fortunately, there are very simple and easy ways of avoiding these bubbles when you're travelling and you want to get somewhere fast.

You don't need to know if there's a bubble at your destination for this tip to be a good rule of thumb for you to follow as you travel around.

When you arrive in a 0.0 system and you want to go to the next gate, click on it in your overview. That will also highlight the gate on your main display, but you might have to move the display around until you have the highlighted gate in the centre of your display. You'll be aided by the highlighted icon around the edge of your display, allowing you to find it easily.

Move your mouse over the highlighted icon, and what will usually happen is that a number of other icons pop up above it. One or more of these icons will be a planet that's near your destination gate.

Warp to the planet at 70km (just in case someone is sitting at 0km or 50km or 100km from the planet) and then warp to the destination gate.

Because you're not approaching the gate from the gate you started, you're outside the area of effect based on the trajectory between the two points (start gate and end gate). Your new trajectory is between the planet and the gate, so you'll land on the gate and be able to jump through while the bubble campers are sadly watching you disappear.

If you follow this strategy, I can guarantee you that your travels through nullsec will be a lot faster and a lot safer for you.

What if all warp in points are covered?

It won't always work, of course. Sometimes catch bubbles will be set up to take advantage of system formations that mean all warp-in points are covered by a bubble. There's still a strategy that can overcome it though.

Imagine you're at your arrival point, gate 1. For some reason, you know that this system is usually well ambushed. Over to your left you have 'group 1', a bunch of planets grouped together. Over to your right you have 'group 2', a bunch of other planets and the system's star, also grouped together. In the middle you have gate 2, your destination.

You know that the ambushers have 3 bubbles - one catering to 'group 1', one catering to your gate, and one catering to 'group 2'. No matter which way you go, your approach to gate 2 will be met by a catch bubble.

What to do?

Warp from gate 1 (arrival point) to group 1. Drop a bookmark halfway through the trip. Warp back to the bookmark after arriving at group 1. When you arrive, open your map and look at the solar system map. Check your position in relation to the trajectory paths between gate 1 and gate 2, and group 1 and gate 2. Do you think you're too close to either of those groups so that if you arrive at gate 2 you'll still intersect the catch bubble?

If you do, warp around and make new bookmarks. When you think that your approach to gate 2 will be outside the 'catch path', then go for it.

Imagine the surprise of the bubble campers when you land at the gate and exit the system. They'll probably yell at you for cheating. Smile to yourself, and thank Alexia Morgan for keeping you safe.

Day 22 continued...

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I decided to continue zooming through a few systems shortly after downtime, just to get them over and done with and out of the way. So I flew back down the pipe back to N-DQ0D, before heading in to LXTC-S to go up this next dead-end pipe.

LXTC-S - I briefly chatted with a lady by the name of cal dasiri who offered her ratting wrecks for me to salvage, but I politely declined. No time or interest in salvaging, let alone carrying the necessary tools!

WE3-BX - nothing of interest,

H70-JZ - nothing of interest.

O-RXCZ - nothing of interest.

4M-P1I - nothing of interest. Well, except for the fact it's the end of the pipe, so I turned around and went back, dropping in on the little side system....

H-85FQ - nothing of interest, but always nice to get these out-of-the-way systems completed. I thought I'd take a photo of the customs office at the planet near the gate.

While it was so quiet around these parts, I decided to push on. It's always a risk when you push on through unfamiliar territory when you're feeling tired, but I have a goal, and that's to get as many of these damn systems out of the way.

I know what to look out for, including my own fatigue. When I get too tired, I'll take a break in whatever system I'm in, and get some sleep. But I'm not TOO tired just yet....

I flew back through systems I (or Black Claw) has already been through, so I won't be worrying about recording them. Only the ones I'm entering for the first time.

8YC-AN - I jumped into this system and saw 3 warp bubbles near the gate. At first I thought maybe one of them was around the gate, but no, they were around 90km away. Obviously 'catch bubbles' which wouldn't affect me. They made for a nice photo though.

I moved off from the gate to make a gate bookmark, for safety's sake, and pondered that it's been a long time indeed since I last saw some warp bubbles. Brought back fond memories of bubble camps in OUCH...

As I was moving away from the gate, I was watching a bunch of E.B.O.L.A. guys in T1 and faction frigates getting caught in the bubbles and play around them like bees around flowers. No one attacked them though, so the owners had probably moved on some time ago.

I finished my bookmark and decided now would be a good time to get some sleep. I warped off to the sun so I could log off without anyone seeing me.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 22 - Continuing the journey

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So I met up with Black Claw in N-DQ0D, which was where the closest station was. After a warm greeting, we did our exchange. I took a photo of him looking sadly at his ship for the last time before he contracted it over to me...

Except that once I tried to get in it I found out that I couldn't fly the damn thing!

Probably would have been nice if I checked that before we did the exchange. I thought that I could fly the Proteus too, but it's Black Claw that can fly all the different ships of all the different races, not me. Sad face...

Anyway, he was adamant that I should keep it, as long as I made sure I started training up in how to fly it. That might be a little while away yet, as there's a few other skills I need to train up first. But he did get me to promise him that as soon as I'm in a region that has the Gallente skill books to fly the Proteus, I'll make sure I get them and start training.

I also made sure I moved my medical clone to that station, so that if I die, I'll wake up where the ship is. I just hope I'll have trained up the relevant skills before that happens...

So in accordance with my new method of flying around, I moved on to the first landmark. That's right, I'm chasing landmarks around the galaxy now, while also making sure I travel through every single system. The only photos of systems I'll show will be when I find something interesting in them to take photos of. Like landmarks, for example.


A system that's interesting only for its landmark, an abandoned research station.
In-space research laboratories are often established to circumvent planetside laws and oversight. As a consequence, an entire research industry has slowly emerged among the stars. One inevitable by-product of this relentless expansion has been the downfall of countless outposts and laboratories to failed experiments. Not only was the staff typically wiped out in these “accidents,” but the area was often left irradiated or otherwise unusable.
It was an old Amarr research station, left in ruins from some unknown disaster:

I think the Gistatis Legion had moved in and put together a small colony of fused asteroids and habitation modules. God knows why they want to live in the shadows of a ruined Amarr station like this:

I moved on.


Ruined Minmatar Outpost

What with me being Minmatar and all, I was particularly interested in this landmark.
Fighting for a nation still in its infancy, the stoic and indomitable people of the early Minmatar Republic suffered frequent and catastrophic losses at the hands of the much larger Amarr Empire. Countless outposts on the edge of patrolled space fell to the scorching lasers of Amarrian marauders. To this day, these structures remain as silent reminders of freedom's price.
Freedom. It's very important to me, and it was very important to all the Minmatar people who died in this station, like they did in many others.

I had a few moments of silence before taking a few photos.

It's obvious that this station was set up to take advantage of the nearby gas cloud resources, but now the only ones taking advantage of it are Angel pirate gangs. I didn't bother hanging around to take them out. I'm here to travel the galaxy, not kill the rat pirates out there.

I flew on, through the following systems...
7JF-0Z - Made a new friend here, Michael Lovetto. He was nice and friendly, and cautioned me on the entry point to Etherium Reach (C-4D0W). I learnt a long time ago that regional entry points are always pretty dangerous. He also told me that it's quiet around here. I knew that!
OJOS-T - Wow, this is a big system!  For the first time in my journey, I had insufficient power to warp to the next gate, which was only 273 light years away!  My power ran out only 12.8 light years from the next gate, so I took the opportunity to make a safe spot at that point. 
V89M-R - nothing of interest

...until I reached my next destination point.


This is another landmark system, with another ruined Minmatar Outpost. There's lots of Minmatar areas out this way....

Once the sightseeing was over, I moved on through these systems...
BRT-OP - nothing of interest
JUK0-1 - nothing of interest 
V-IH6B - This is the end of the road for this part of the region. I decided to rest here for the time being, before I have to fly back down the pipe to the next stage of my journey. 
See you tomorrow!

I have a question about ship fittings

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Your help would be appreciated. Here's my current ship:


5 x 425mm AutoCannon II
1 x Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

2 x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
1 x 10mn MWD II
2 x Large Shield Extender II

3 x Warp Core Stabilizer I

Rig Slot:
3 x Medium Core Defence Field Extender I

Sub Systems:
Emergent Locus Analyzer
Interdiction Nullifier
Power Core Multiplier
Adaptive Shielding
Covert Reconfiguration

Here's the question - for nullsec travel, is this the best fit? If you can improve it - for travel only, not for combat - then please reply below, and include detail on why your suggestion is better.

Transferring assets

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I just received over 200 bookmarks from Black Claw via contracts for the regions of Curse and Great Wildlands. I hear there was much swearing involved. Apparently it's a real pain in the ass to copy and send 200 bookmarks.

With all the amazing technology at our disposal, you'd think that the system designers would come up with better ways of doing things. I mean, we can warp between stars and around the galaxy, but we can't copy more than 5 bookmarks at a time.


Anyway, Black Claw also contracted me his Tech 3 cruiser, in case it's better than my current ship for what I want to do. I'll do a different post about that though.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Systems and regions so far

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Black Claw started this journey, I'm just continuing it. So far, the regions and systems that he's done are listed below, with links to the pages that they're listed on. I'll be continuing this journey from the most recent point that he finished at, but I wanted to document them here as well.

Region - Great Wildlands

Day 21 (3)
  • R-ESG0
  • C14M-T
  • I-QRJA

Day 20 (2) 
  • P1T-LP
  • R-ESG0

Day 19 (1)
  • N-DQ0D

Day 18 (6)
  • SL-YBS
  • L1S-G1
  • OPI4-E
  • 9SNK-O
  • B-VIP9
  • 6WT-BE

Day 17 (6)
  • E02-IK
  • M-MD3B
  • NIH-02
  • SL-YBS
  • UNJ-GX
  • L1S-G1

Day 16 (6)
  • M-EKDF
  • AZF-GH
  • CRXA-Y
  • JPL-RA
  • NK7XO
  • E02-IK

Day 15 (1)
  • VXO-OM

Day 14 (2)
  • F5-CGW
  • H9S-WC

Day 13 (12)
  • PUC-JZ
  • 5FCV-A
  • O-OVOQ
  • SB-23C
  • 92-BOX
  • 94-GQV
  • WTIE-6
  • 1L-AED
  • 1C-953
  • 1X8-JB
  • Y-DSSK
  • B-ROFP

Day 12 (5)
  • F8K-WQ
  • YUY-LM
  • AB-FZE
  • N-6Z8B
  • 52V6-B

Day 11 (3)
  • QM-20X
  • 504Z-V
  • NE3GR

Day 10 (2)
  • OR-GZQ
  • ZJ-GOU

Day 9 (6)
  • BY5-V8
  • 7-1DWY
  • TET3-B
  • F-5FDA (Scalding Pass)
  • 9-34L5
  • GF-3FL

Day 8 (4)
  • UT-UZB
Region: Curse
  • LJ-YSW
  • G-0Q86
  • G-R4W1

Day 7 (6)
  • G-OQ86
  • Y-K50G
  • K88X-J
  • BPK-XK
  • CL-1JE
  • J4UD-J

Day 6 (4)
  • ZZ-ZWC
  • UW9B-F
  • K-MGJ7
  • KLMT-W

Day 5 (5)
  • ES-UWY
  • EQX-AE
  • H-ADOC
  • OSY-UD
  • G-G78S

Day 4 (3)
  • Y-DW5K
  • QFEW-K
  • CVY-UC

Day 3 (8)
  • V7D-JD
  • 5E-VR8
  • VOL-MI
  • HLW-HP
  • RA-NXN
  • XX9-WV
  • M-N7WD
  • S1DP-Y

Day 2 (12)
  • CL-85V
  • EW-JR5
  • MDD-79
  • 8G-MQV
  • VOL-MI
  • K-B2D3
  • PO4F-3
  • V-IUEL
  • OSHT-A
  • JWJ-P1
  • J7A-UR
  • D87E-A

Day 1 (12)
  • Doril
  • Utopia
  • Litom
  • Jamunda
  • Hemin
  • Jorund
  • Farit
  • RMOC-W
  • YKE4-3
  • K-QWHE
  • CL-85V
  • AAM-1A
Region: Curse

Welcome to Touring New Eden!

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You probably know my brother, Black Claw, a lot better than you know me. But he's asked me to continue on where he left off.

Which is where, exactly?

Well, smack dab in the middle of Great Wildlands. So I'm heading there now to meet up with him, where he's going to transfer his measly ISK balance to my account, as well as all his current bookmarks. That will allow me to continue the journey he started.

So you're probably wondering why he's not doing it. The reason is that it's just easier for me to travel around the cluster than it is for him. Him with his -8.9 security status that's a pain in the ass to get back towards 0, and me with my -1.2 sec status. Seems pretty simple really, when you think about it.

I'm going to be doing this a bit different to how Black Claw was doing it. I'm going to be doing it faster, but it'll still take me more than a year to complete.

But hey, that's what you do for family. You help them out, even if it takes a year or more of your life....

So here's the new agenda.

I'm going to try and get through 100 systems every week. I'm going to be ZOOMING through them! I'll tell you about the area I'm in, and I'll be happy for invitations that some of you might send me to see things that will be of interest.

Like Titans jumping. Or C-beams glittering in the dark near the New Eden gate. Or attack ships on fire off the Mekhios graveyard. Or other such interesting things.

I'll be a casual observer, travelling the cluster, documenting every system only in passing, and lingering only for the stuff that's worth writing about.

I need YOU to help out. I want to meet you, or at least say hi in local. I want you to invite me to interesting or special events that you'd like me to witness, to take photos (screenshots) of, and to write about.

I'll even write about you if you give me something to write about! You can be part of this 'documentary' of me travelling the cluster.

Ok, that'll do for a first post. I've got to make my way to Black Claw, and there's 15 jumps of nullsec goodness between us....