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The Touring New Eden corp is open for recruitment. We even have a recruitment thread on the Eve Online forums:

Are you a traveller, solo pilot or nomad?
Our mission statement
With explorers, travellers and journalists in Touring New Eden, our mission is to be friends with everyone and attack no one, and to maintain neutrality by avoiding combat. 
We're a pacifist corp. No fighters wanted. No attacking allowed. You will be kicked out of the corp for violating this rule.

You can attack rats and NPCs, you just can't attack other players. You can defend yourself when you're being attacked by other players, or you can let yourself die in a burning fireball. It's up to you. (Defending yourself can be with EWAR to break away and flee, or you can destroy their ship. Pod-killing will not be allowed.)

So why would you be interested in joining us?

Being a pacifist corp, we're interested in members that don't want to fight, and that don't want to engage in PVP. All they want to do is meander around the systems, exploring, mining, maybe doing a bit of manufacturing. Most of all, minding their own business.

These are the reasons you might want to join us:

  • You have other responsibilities, like a family, and you want to play on your own terms, in your own time
  • You prefer flying solo, enjoying the thrill of relying only on yourself, no one else
  • You don't want to answer to someone that thinks they have authority over you and how you play
  • You want freedom, the wide open space before you, without anyone else blocking your view
  • You want to mine or mission (or whatever) but you don't want to be in a noob corp, and/or....
  • You don't want any of your hard-earned income going towards corp taxes
  • You're travelling the galaxy and you like the idea of being amongst like-minded individuals
We have zero taxes. We have no base of operations or POSs, which means we have no territory that we demand you help us defend. We have no corp operations that we demand you help us with.

What you do is up to you. And we encourage you to do it.

As long as it doesn't include fighting other players. That's the only rule we have.

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