Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Corp Member Introductions

Hi guys. We're all uniquely doing our own thing, in whatever corner of New Eden we're in, but we're all united under the TOURING NEW EDEN banner. I'm happy you decided to join us, but now that you're here, let's share a little bit about each ourselves so that we can get to know each other. It will be great if we can all be good friends, if not one day a family.  :)

I'll start the ball rolling.

Name: Alexia Morgan

Location: it varies. As I'm writing this, it's in Insmother, but I'll probably be in Scalding Pass tomorrow. My exact location is likely to change every day.

How long have you been playing: I joined in April 2006. You do the math.

Current Goals: I'm on a mission to visit every single system in the galaxy. There's over 5,000 of them, and I'm just less than 5% of the way through. It's going to be a loooong ride! But I'm enjoying every jump of it.

Why did you join TOURING: in my case, I created this corp to reflect my tour around New Eden. It was simply a corp I could sit in and do my own thing, while I travelled the cluster. But then I decided to open it up to new members who might want to join me. People with similar goals of travel, or people who just like to do their own thing without having to answer to demanding expectations of a corp that needs to defend itself, its territory or its assets. TOURING has none of that.

I like the peace and quiet of not having to worry about 'calls to arms' and patrols and operations. It's blissful. I also love the solitude of travel throughout the cluster. It's peaceful in nullsec. I know I'm going to dread travelling through highsec because of the noise!

I know there's others like me. Personalities who prefer sitting back and doing their own thing, without having to be active according to the demands of others. And that's why I opened up this corp to them, to give them a place that they might call home.

Your turn! Please use the comments section below to answer the same questions for yourself.

How long have you been playing:
Why did you join TOURING:

Add anything else you'd like to introduce about yourself too. Thanks!


  1. My name is Tanya Spade.

    I first took the voyage into space some 5 years ago, though since then I have returned planet-side for some prolonged periods. If such interests you, it might please you to know that my family is related (distantly) to one of the 'royal' Amarr family lines. I however, care not about it.

    In space, I first attended the Royal Amarr Institute in Emrayur. There I learnt about turret tracking and rock grinding, as well as cash flows and supply and demand. I was more interested in the formers over the latters. I also gained valuable insight into the discriminatory archaic zealotry of many elders there, and soon after I fled. I resolved from then on I would rather teach myself than be subject to the workings of any distilled dysentery presented by self-inflated hedonists. However, I am aware, and I do try not to chastise any majority for the actions of their (hopefully) minority. For nothing is perfect, yes?

    So these days I travel; wandering and exploring space, all the while looking for relatively-friendly, quiet, and interesting landscapes to call home, if but for a while. I mostly keep to myself, though experience has taught me to appreciate and prefer the company of a few good friendly pilots over the company of many 'acquaintances'. Whether we be mining, missioning for a needy corporation, ridding the region of Blood Raiders, or simply exploring curious dead-spaces, I've come to realise that good company kept is often more rewarding than the completion of the task at hand.

    Yes, I'm a bit odd I guess: a circle for a square hole. But there are others out there like me, among the stars. I have already met a few. Perhaps among the Touring New Eden corporation there are more. We will see.

  2. Foshizzle SoletteJune 17, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    My name is Foshizzle Solette.

    Location: Providence (for the time being)

    Play time: On and off about four years

    Hi all. I'm a solo explorer, miner and occasional salvager. I prefer to roam alone and go where the interstellar winds take me. I'm interested in trying any activity that doesn't involve being destroyed or destroying others.