Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OOC: The evolution of Eve blogging

Back in.... gee, I don't know - a long time ago! I created to bring together all the Eve Online bloggers under a common banner, so the Eve Online Bloggers Portal came into existence. It successfully aggregated blog posts by all active Eve Online bloggers, as well as podcasts, YouTube videos, and even related images on Flickr.

It was so successful that it's still recognised today as a leading method of keeping up to date with Eve Online blogs.

But that was SO 'last decade'.

Eve blogging is changing, and that's been very obvious to me. It needs to change, it needs to evolve with these changing times we're living in.

And I've got an idea about how the change should occur. But I'm not going to tell you. Not yet anyway.

I'm already building it in the background. But for it to work I've got to get some Eve bloggers involved in it, to help propel it from an idea into reality.

If you're an active Eve blogger that's interested in being part of the evolution of Eve Online blogging, send me an email to discuss it. I think you'll enjoy where this is going.