Sunday, November 11, 2012

The new Touring New Eden corp

I've set up a new corp called Touring New Eden. Here's the description:

Touring New Eden is a new, unique corporation explicitly for travellers and nomads that enjoy travelling or touring the New Eden cluster. Pilots with no fixed address, who love to roam, to travel, to do their own thing without needing to support a base of operations.  
Touring New Eden has no base of operations. Our members are everywhere around the galaxy. The cluster itself is our home. 
With no base of operations, wardecs become ineffective against us. Members are safe because they are everywhere, and they are nowhere. 
There's no tax rate because there's no corp industry. What members do in Touring New Eden is entirely up to them. 
Are you interested? If you're a traveller, a nomad, a solo pilot who doesn't want to be tied down to any one location, then you are welcome to join us.
The corp is now open for business.

Teamspeak will be set up soon.

Memberships from all over the New Eden galaxy are welcome. Members do not have to go anywhere once they're members. It's business as usual for them, just under the common banner of 'Touring New Eden'.

The official recruitment thread is here, but if you're interested, just sign up in-game.

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