Friday, November 16, 2012

OOC: The Eve Blogodrama

I do enjoy a good drama, but only when I'm not involved in it. I'm seeing a nice blogodrama this week in the Eve blogosphere. It's quite amusing.
"Why can't we all just... get along?" - The Penguin
Well, I know that's impossible, but I think we can come together better than what we have been. I think that as a community, we're failing. We're being laughed at by those that aren't in the community (not to mention those that are IN the community). And why would they want to join such a drama-filled community? Well, they wouldn't. And I think that's why the community is slowly shrinking.

The drama is discouraging new people from being part of it, and encouraging veterans to leave it. There's not enough happening in the community to make it exciting and inspirational. Not like it used to be. It's devolved to petty squabbling and struggles for power.

A bit like Eve, really. Ah, the irony. Playing at blogging like you play at Eve.

Anyway. I'm building something. I'm building a place for community. In a nutshell, it's going to be like Facebook for Eve, but better. It will be for Eve bloggers and players to come together and act as a community. To encourage each other, to support each other, to communicate better with each other, and to promote the activities of the community as a whole.

I built a long time ago to create a community around Eve blogging. Not just some bloggers, but ALL bloggers. I think it was instrumental in helping with that.

I'm also talking about to make a point that I've got a good track record in seeing a need for the community and building something of value, that will take the community to the next step.

That's what I see with the project I'm working on now. It's about bringing together a community that is struggling to tear itself apart.

We need to come together and unite as bloggers, writers, gamers, community members. It's the only way we can encourage new members to join our community, and it's the only way we can grow stronger than ever before.

Would you like to know more?